To transform the water sources and environment of local and urban communities through scientific and engineering approach for a resilient and sustainable world


Saving people, water and environment in local communities for a greater well-being


No Water

No Ecosystem

No Life

EKCÖLAB Core Working Ethics


Environmental Sustainability

Data-driven Decision-making


The organisation’s area of interest are;

Countries and communities

WHere we work

​We are represented in eight different countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Malawi, Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda) and still growing. Our members are young researchers such as university freshmen, young graduates and young professional workers in the field of water and environment.

Area of Operations and Services


Meet our team

Our team is made up of diverse young people from science, social science and arts disciplines. We are youths coming from all around the world to solve water, climate change and environmental challenges in the 21st century.

Founder EKCÖLAB 

Ekolle Eya

Geo-scientist (Climate and Water Resources Management)

Vice President of EKCÖLAB 

Muna Prosper

M.Sc Cand. Microbiology and Parasitology

International Program coordinator EKCÖLAB 

Fon-tanjoh Gemariah

M.Sc Biochemistry

Research dir. & President of EKCÖLAB  Pakistan

Amir Hassan

PhD Cand. Chemistry

President of EKCÖLAB Kenya 

Bikoro Gisemba

M.Sc Environmental Science

President of EKCÖLAB Nigeria 

Tochukwu Ambrose

PhD Cand. Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology

Secretary General & Environmental Resource Coordinator of EKCÖLAB 

Regina Nkeng

M.Sc Cand. Disaster and Risk Management

President of EKCÖLAB Zambia

Prince Kaliki

B.Sc Public Health Science

Vice President of EKCÖLAB  Cameroon

Essone Larissa

M.Sc Cand. Chemistry

President of EKCÖLAB  Uganda

John Ochago

B.Sc Water Resources Engineering

Program Coordinator of EKCÖLAB Zambia

Muke Christon

B.Sc Public Health Science

M & E officer EKCÖLAB Uganda

Nakyanzi Sharifah

B.Sc Biosystem Engineering

Program Coordinator of EKCÖLAB Cameroon 

Mbakop Michelle

M.Sc Cand. Chemistry

Field officer EKCÖLAB  Cameroon

Etobe Esidore

B.Sc Geography and Social Studies

Field Expert Coordinator EKCÖLAB

Nkemndem Agendia

M.Sc Geography and Spatial Analysis

ADvisory board

Our advisory board is made up of dedicated world-class researchers and professionals serving at the highest level in the best water and environmental institutions (organizations) in the world.
Associate Professor/ Senior Researcher at INRGREF & University of Montpellier I (France)
Advisory Board at EKCÖLAB

Olfa Mahjoub

Doctor (PhD). Agriculture, Water Quality & Emergency Pollutants