Training For Local Communities

Water Quality, WHO Guidelines and Country Standards

Environmental Field Techniques and Analyses of Water

Water Treatment System and Technology

It should be noted that all EKCÖLAB courses are free as of today and you will only need to purchase practical equipment and other training materials during your study.

General objectives of the courses

Advanced courses

Get to know our advance courses which we are training local communities, youths, water and environmental professionals all over the world. The title of the certification after completing this courses is “Water Quality Technician” . All those who are interested in this courses should send us an email for further information on how to register.

Water Data Analysis Using Excel (graphs and charts)

Water Quality Testing in the laboratory

Fundamentals of Research Methodology



What people say about our training
Amir Hassan (Pakistan)
Dir. of Training EKCÖLAB
Desmond Osaguona (Nigeria)
Student, 2023
Munang Othniel B. (Cameroon)
Student, 2022